In their own words: The Castabouts alliance was formed to support the new player outreach efforts of the Center for Advanced Studies (NPC) corporation. The Center for Advanced Studies group has spent over 15 years introducing new pilots to PvP through NPSI fleets. We have inhabited the RF-GGF system in Syndicate for over a decade but also roam across the galaxy from Thera. We continue to host introductory PvP fleets nearly every month. Our activities are open to everyone, and we have no official diplomatic relations with anyone.

Captain: Plejaden

Batoshin Bleec
Bryson S Hogan
David Therman
deadlock Nardieu
Elise Stan
Jackal Lord
Lara Antipov
Logan Novack
Ma'e Shardani
Meta Squared
Nazg Altar
Raroidea Hiandy
Ray Thiesant
Sallyanne Pimbrook
Second Maricadie
Uncle Raccoon

Scheduled matches for CAStabouts

2020 November 14

Time match starts Red team Blue team Outcome
18:49:50 Warlords of the Deep logo Warlords of the Deep CAStabouts logo CAStabouts Red victory

2020 November 15

Time match starts Red team Blue team Outcome
15:37:21 Goonswarm Federation logo Goonswarm Federation CAStabouts logo CAStabouts Blue victory
20:07:33 WE FORM V0LTA logo WE FORM V0LTA CAStabouts logo CAStabouts Red victory