In thier own words: We are lowsec Pirates Alliance. Founded in 2015-04-16 mix out of veterans and new players. Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

Captain: Kane Carnifex

Alfred AngloSaxon
Biggus Dicky
Captain NONECK
Cypher xx
Deryn Angrard
Gurt Benoit
lord nater
Major Scythe
mean candy
Random Name Here
Revana Kado
Rick-Sanchez C-137
Saisio Arisu
Space Rigger Airjo
Toushi Kimura

Scheduled matches for SE7EN-SINS

2020 November 14

Time match starts Red team Blue team Outcome
17:30:00 SE7EN-SINS logo SE7EN-SINS Mouth Trumpet Cavalry logo Mouth Trumpet Cavalr... Red victory

2020 November 15

Time match starts Red team Blue team Outcome
17:30:28 SE7EN-SINS logo SE7EN-SINS Odin‘s Call logo Odin‘s Call Blue victory
20:33:56 SE7EN-SINS logo SE7EN-SINS The Initiative. logo The Initiative. Blue victory