In their own words: We are a new wormhole alliance. Some of us have focused on small gang pvp for a while.

Captain: Reire Murasame

Amaranth X
Chengzi Kick
DDDana Arabe
Dnanr Heleneto
GainBoast Star
ID miaoer
Kaasumi Kick
liangmu Kick
long jiji
Pony Loki
Qu Si Kick
Sithen Mier
Tainted milk Xiongmao
Yun Weismann
zeropoi Kick

Scheduled matches for War and Wormhole

2020 November 14

Time match starts Red team Blue team Outcome
16:48:00 Pen Is Out logo Pen Is Out War and Wormhole logo War and Wormhole Red victory
21:30:32 War and Wormhole logo War and Wormhole VYDRA RELOLDED logo VYDRA RELOLDED Blue victory