EVE_NT open

Pilots looking for teams

Arianne Stone

EUTZ, Black Rebel Rifter Club
Hi, experienced small gang and solo pilot with some AT knowledge. Available whatever TZ

Strizz von Aviemore

EUTZ, Holy Cookie
Hi guys. Unfortunately my alliance couldn't put together a team. I'm a small gang pilot and was 2 times part of the Salt Farmers AT team, which was a great experience and I learned a lot from that. I'm a team player and always like to learn and improve my piloting skills. Discord: Strizz#4603

Carl Raholan

EUTZ, Hard Knocks Inc.
Hi all HK didn't put a team forward for eve nt so i thought i would put mysely out there. Eve nt winner with the other guys StreamFleet invatanional winner with Zero talent Multiple AT experience with HK and Tuskers Give me a shout if you are in need of a pilot Discord - Carl Raholan#7090

Insidious Sainthood

USTZ, Blue Republic
Insidious Sainthood. Solo small gang. Started Eve in 2007 (dif toon). Fly in 3 ATs (no wins). Won several smaller solo/small tourneys, 2 from airports. Always willing to listen and learn and I show up to training in any TZ

Bernie Nator

USTZ, Hateful Intent
Hi, I like explosions and causing them to other teams, with prior tournament experience and I play well with others. Discord - BernieNator#1957

Farowan Theron

EUTZ, Team Galactic
AT Newb, mainly fly logi and have been enjoying the new area stuff and solo pvp recently. EUTZ only sadly.


EUTZ, Spectre Fleet Corp
expereinced solo and small gang started eve in 2018 only able to traian in the eastern US timezone

EVENT Alliance Open

EUTZ, Science and Trade Institute
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