Marie Beldrulf
All votes 14
Correct votes 8
Accuracy 57.14%
Marie Beldrulf's votes
Match Character's vote Match result
L A Z E R H A W K S vs. Warlords of the Deep Red victory Blue victory
WE FORM V0LTA vs. Pen Is Out Red victory Blue victory
L A Z E R H A W K S vs. WAFFLES. Red victory Red victory
Lollipops. vs. Solyaris Chtonium Blue victory Red victory
Goonswarm Federation vs. CAStabouts Blue victory Blue victory
Brotherhood of Space... vs. The Initiative. Red victory Blue victory
War and Wormhole vs. VYDRA RELOLDED Blue victory Blue victory
Wormhole Society vs. Fraternity. Blue victory Blue victory
No Vacancies. vs. Lollipops. Red victory Red victory
Solyaris Chtonium vs. Templis CALSF Blue victory Blue victory
The Weekend Warriors vs. Goonswarm Federation Blue victory Red victory
Warlords of the Deep vs. CAStabouts Red victory Red victory
Esports Petopia vs. Brotherhood of Space... Red victory Red victory
Odin‘s Call vs. Dreadbomb. Blue victory Red victory