EVE_NT open

Alliance Open staff

Bei ArtJay

EVE_NT Owner, General Dogsbody

Director & Producer of the EVE_NT Alliance Open. Many roles including rules design, administration, organising staff, creative director, streamer.

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Veetor Nara

IT Director

Hello, I'm Veetor - I have been building community tools assisting in EVE tournaments with the EVE_NT gang for years.

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Dysc Readerror

EVP Live Events

Howdy y'all! I'm the angel on Bei's shoulder and I'll be running all the things you can't see but which I'm told are important.

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Ithica Hawk

EVE_NT Director & Host

I talk. Everyone else makes me look good.

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Dwaigon Aumer

Discord admin, Twitch moderator, Tech & All rounder

EVE_NT since 2014, started as Technical Director but took a step back, had a break but now back doing general administrative tasks and helping where I can.

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Been working with EVE NT since 2015. ATXV and ATXVI commentator.

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General Stargazer

Director, Tweetmeet organiser, Referee, Lore Nerd, Historian

o7o7! I'm General Stargazer, player since 2003, nerdy for all things EVE Online and always willing to help out! Need anything, feel free to drop me a DM on twitter, or an ingame mail and I'll do what I can!

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CPPC T'Amber

3D specialist

T'Amber is the mastermind behind all our 3D displays.

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I'm Miz and I have been flying in AT for The Camel Empire and Hydra Reloaded. These days I am mainly casting tournaments instead.

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Been working with EVE NT for a few years now and referee for AO2020.

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Trying to make Eve tournaments great by providing tooling for team management, Thunderdome login management, refereeing and analysis. Spport him on Patreon


Rathnon Domitras

Referee, Live Event Support, Hypetrain Co-ordinator, Swag Pixie

Part of the group since the very 1st meet, never on screen, always making things happen in the background.

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Mystical Might

Analyst, Ace Pilot, AO Finals Loser

History remembers Mysti's AO performance. It remembers he did better on the desk than he did in the Arena.


Mrs Ithica Hawk

Head of Fashion

The team's most talented staffer, responsible for dressing Ithica Hawk and advising on all matters fashion and catering.

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